Top Comic Book Characters that have made it in Films


There are lots of different spiderman films and there was even a television series making it a really high contender. Peter Parker, a photographer for the newspaper the Daily Bugle gets bitten by a radioactive spider and this gives him special abilities. He has super strength and agility and can climb walls and ceilings with ease. He decides to become a disguised superhero to use his skills for good and of course, defeats numerous villains in various films. Many people are fans of spiderman because he does not have powers that are too over the top. Not being able to fly, read minds or things like that make him seem more relatable than some others as well as the fact that he is not from another planet.


Batman is a Dc comics character and has a sidekick called Robin in some movies. He is also known as the Dark Knight and the Caped Crusader and is often seen driving the Bat mobile. His secret identity if Bruce Wayne who is a wealthy American business owner. When he was a child, he saw his parents murdered and swore that he would fight criminals. Therefore, he trained himself physically and intellectually to be able to fight crime. This makes him a superhero that many people like because he has no super powers as such but he can do martial arts and his money allows him to buy lots of equipment and weaponry. He works in Gotham City and fights crime there and the villains he fights include The Joker, The Penguin and The Riddler.


Superman was sent down to earth as a baby from the planet Krypton. He is brought up in a small town but eventually becomes a newspaper reporter for ‘The Daily Planet’ in metropolis. He falls in love with fellow reporter Lois Lane, but cannot tell her he is superman as he goes under his alter ego of Clark Kent when at work. Lois falls for superman but not Clark, although he wins her over in some films and series. Superman has many powers including strength and speed, lasers from his eyes and the ability to fly. He tends to be fighting against Lex Luther in most films, but there are often a mix of other characters too.

Iron Man

Iron Man is a Marvel comic character who has appeared in a lot of films. His back story is that his alter ego Anthony Edward Stark suffered a severe chest injury when kidnapped. He is an ingenious scientists and when his captors try to force him to make a weapon of mass destruction he chooses to create a mechanised suit of armour that he can use to save his life and escape. He develops it further and uses it to protect the world. He was founding member of The Avengers.

The Hulk

The Hulk has an alter ego Dr Robert Banner. He was physically weak but was exposed to gamma rays and this gave him the ability to change when he was under stress. When stressed he would change into the Hulk who has massive strength but it is something that he often cannot control as that anger stays with him. He is normally portrayed as green when he turns into the Hulk. He is a member of The Avengers and The Fantastic Four so a very popular character in many films.